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Many Strata Managers  don’t realize the significance of the Future-long-term energy and dollar savings that switching to LED - Lighting, Exit signs and Solar can provide

Save Big On Maintenance Costs By Retrofitting Your Business Lighting to LED


Future Energy Savers new LED battens enhance the life of Florescent lighting by many years reducing Maintenance, replacements parts and electricians cost.


A lot of people don’t realize the significance of the long-term savings that switching to LED can provide.     

First of all, switching to LED bulbs will have an immediate impact on your electric bill.

Lighting costs tend to be a large portion of the bill.

LED fittings use up to 90% LESS electricity than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

A 90 watt (2x36w + Ballast) florescent fixture can be replaced with a 25 watt LED which will give at least an equivalent light output. If you are upgrading an entire building to LED, the amount of electricity used will be cut immediately and drastically and will make opening your electric bill a more pleasant experience.  Return On Investment with Sensor ready fittings can vary from 5-8 months in general.

As the deciding factor for many property managers and companies, energy consumption or electricity use can be the difference maker for not only lighting but many other operational technologies associated with a building.

This is especially true for property areas with 24/7 lighting (all day and night).

Keeping in mind the LED the lumen remain the same no matter how long they have been working while the lumen depreciate with fluorescent over a much shorter period of time. 

While this difference may not seem like much, but when there is an enclosed area in question – such as an underground parking garage– light levels make a staggering difference.

Standard Florescent 1200mm fixtures burn 88 watts an hour compared with 17-34 watts for LED depending on location amounting up to 90% saving on an hourly basis increased greatly by utilising micro wave and daylight sensors.

New Technology Enhancing Life of Lighting Fittings


Retrofit LED Rebates are further enhanced by fitting the very latest Micro wave and Daylight detectors increasing the energy savings and Return On Investment (ROI) plus reducing the annual hours of operation from  8,760 to as low as 750 hours annually.

By Utilising Sensor Ready LED Light fittings one can adjust the dimming cycle - detection range - Lux level and stand by time on any one unit at any time.



Designed to increase savings further, simply by reducing lighting in the main areas, and to switch off completely in side areas parking spots until movement is detected.

This would be caused by a person walking, within 12 meters of the light fitting resulting in the lighting being activated.

In most areas  the savings can amount to + 90% in car parks and toilet areas etc

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For a Free Energy lighting Audit

phone 0401-226265    Ian

Strata Car Park

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Lighting after all is one of the main electricity costs in business today