Get all the Benefits of a Solar Energy System without any of the cost and maintenance


Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Solar as a Service, also known as a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), means no cash outlay to your business and will provide electricity at a cost significantly lower than the grid.


This gives your business immediate savings and a long term energy hedge as you know the electricity cost for the next 10 to 25 years, compared to only 1 to 3 years from the grid.

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with solar PPA.jpg

The Green Power Fund PPA brought to you exclusively by Channel Partners Future Energy Savers and the Green Guys Group offering a saving protection guarantee with a minimum 10% discount to present Grid cost, for the fixed term of your PPA agreement.

Discounts from day one typically range from 25% to 50% off GRID electricity.   You are also only contracted to buy the electricity you consume and pass on any

benefit you receive for any solar exported to the grid!

The Benefits of Our Solar PPA

Everyone Wins!

  1. No cash outlay or cost just a minimum term of five years

  2. Reduction in electricity costs from day one

  3. Long-term electricity contract 10 - 50% cheaper than present payments

  4. Pay today ($ KWH) and the same in 20 years’ time

  5. Reduced reliance on the grid guaranteed electricity every day

  6. 24/7 remote monitoring with ongoing saving recommendations

  7. New revenue source from the lease of roof

  8. Potential increase in property value

  9. Improving leasing by offering tenants low-cost solar power

  10. Potential to charge a higher lease

  11. Increased access to capital due to improved energy ratings of the building.

  12. Potential improvement of NABERS rating