Energy Efficiency

Future Energy Savers specialise in helping clients explore energy efficiency and realise cash flow by instigating energy saving lighting and Solar PV projects supporting customers from start to finish.

Indeed through partnerships with leading energy providers we can organise your finance that we guarantee will increase cash flow from day one after your low energy lighting or Solar PV installation.

We design, procure and deliver tailored solutions that increase safety on the shop floor by meeting Australian and NZ Lighting standards that a disturbing amount of Australian businesses fail.

Customer Goals and Barriers

When business owners start to explore energy efficiency, they are typically looking to achieve one or more of these four goals:

1. Reduce energy costs

2. Hedge against energy price volatility

3. Improve competitiveness

4. Reduce emissions and meet sustainability targets

There are key barriers to taking action that we see businesses struggle with, time and again:

  • Energy is not core business

  • Lack of expertise to design and deliver projects

  • Risk of choosing a poor quality vendor or technology

  • Competing needs for capital

  • The need for a faster ROI on their investment

  • Implementation complexity and capacity

Our process

We start by understanding your energy efficiency needs, taking into account your business operations and financial requirements.

We then do the groundwork scoping your premises and developing a detailed project lighting plan, including energy savings over the coming 20 years along with finance options.

Once you’re confident that you want to proceed, we manage procurement of product, installation and signing off.

After the project is complete, we ensure it delivers the expected results by analysing your next six months power bills.

Call Mac on 0401-226265 for any information we can help you with including the NSW Government Savings Scheme and ……..

..The Federal Government solar rebate, officially known as the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), entitles individuals and small businesses in Australia to large reductions when installing eligible small-scale renewable energy systems (under 100kW) such as solar PV systems and solar water heater systems.

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