Financing your LED Project

Undertaking energy efficient upgrades or installing renewable energy makes good business sense and helps offset rising electricity and gas prices.

Choosing the right finance for projects can sometimes be challenging.

The Energy Efficiency and Renewables Finance Guide will help you understand the different financial options available as well as providing step-by-step guidance in selecting the best finance for your business.

Stage 1: Financial options

The availability of finance for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects has increased in recent years. There are a range of financial options available and a variety of financial providers offering these to commercial businesses.

The following document provides an overview of the current energy efficiency and renewables financial options available in Australia, including the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Choosing the right finance

You should seek the finance option that meets your preference and requirement for:

  • the level and type of risk the business is comfortable with,

  • on or off the balance sheet,

  • asset ownership and ability to pay any up-front costs.

The Banks below have a range of discounted Energy efficient finance option across a range of energy saving considerations.

Comm Bank:

Partnering with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, CommBank provides discounted financing to help business' fund energy efficient vehicles, equipment and projects.


is helping Australian businesses reduce their energy costs and environmental footprint by providing financial solutions for energy efficient equipment. Westpac customers can choose to receive specialist advice through external energy experts Verdia. Verdia will help customers to design, procure, and install energy efficient lighting and solar.


Looking for a discount off your equipment finance? NAB's joined forces with Clean Energy Finance Corporation to give you a discount on your finance rate.

Plus a range of private finance along with Australian Government and state and territory government programs that exist to help companies access finance for energy-efficiency improvement projects.

Options are extensive.

Funding can be used on relatively simple upgrades such as lighting, through to more complex major technology improvements.

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