Why upgrade to LED lighting?

LED lighting is by far the most energy-efficient and smart solution for lighting your business.

Upgrading to LED will bring you the following benefits:

  • Electricity cost savings.

  • Bulb replacement savings.

  • A reduction in carbon emissions.

  • Light that appears truer to life and doesn’t flicker.

  • Reduced fire risk.

  • Lights that get to 100% output at the flick of the switch.

Last of all thanks to the NSW Government Energy Saving Scheme high energy lighting that is replaced with LED low energy can be subsidised in the case of a 400 watt replaced with a 110 watt up to $300.

LEDs are safer

Safer than ever

Future Energy Savers LEDs provide the safest environment possible for your staff and customers.

  • They start up instantly meaning your workplace is safe & ready to use at the flick of a switch.

  • Lower operating temperatures significantly reduce any fire risk.

  • Glass-free construction eliminates the dangers of glass contamination.

  • Extended globe life guarantees that safety issues created by globe replacement are greatly reduced.

How are they safer?

The operating temperature of an average Future Energy Savers LED light is considerably less than a halogen, mercury vapour and most especially a metal halide light.

LEDs produce better light - Better than ever

Future Energy Savers LEDs create work and retail environments with beautiful light.

  • They produce colours that appear truer to life.

  • The light is more consistent, without the ‘flickering’ associated with fluorescent solutions.

  • The absence of UV rays reduces fading of furnished goods and raw materials.

  • Products under LED lighting look better and last longer.

How are they better?

Future Energy Savers LEDs last thousands of hours longer that old lighting technologies, with an extremely high rate of lumen maintenance, guaranteeing brilliant light and an attractive, safe working environment for many years to come.

LEDs last longer

Easier than ever

Future Energy Savers LEDs are rated to more than 50,000 hours.

  • They last up to 10 times longer than traditional lights, eliminating the need for frequent light changes and the expense and time involved.

  • Robust designs make them highly resistant to shock, vibrations and external impact

  • They can operate in extremely hot and cold temperatures.

How do they last longer?

Future Energy Savers LEDs have been designed and developed by Optitech using market-leading LED chips and drivers, and with innovative heat sinks which draw the heat from the chip.

This design results in lifetime ratings significantly longer than other lighting technologies and even other LEDs, meaning maintenance time and costs associated with blown bulbs will be greatly reduced.

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