Next Generation LED Ceiling Lights

LED panel lights have a very sleek design and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they emit a pleasant uniform lighting colours.

Here are six reasons for your business to change to LED panel lights.

1.Colour Temperatures

LED down light bulbs come in a variety of colour temperatures.

Colour temperature is measured in kelvins (K).

For example, yellow LED lighting provides a warm feel similar to that of natural sunlight while blue LED lighting provides a cooler energising feeling similar to that of the ocean.

White light LED lights offer a clean, modern look that is ideal for kitchens, offices and health facilities.

Your choice of colour temperature is dependent on the mood you are trying to set.


2.Sophisticated look

LED panel lights have a very sleek design and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they emit a pleasant uniform lighting colours. The shape of the LED panel light is ultra-thin and there is a great range of lighting colours to choose from to suit your work space.

The use of LED panel lights in your office will create the professional appearance.

3.Energy cost savings

For energy saving purposes, the right LED light bulb is one that has a low wattage but a high light output.

Rising electricity costs are a big cost to businesses, with no decreases from electricity companies on the horizon, businesses continually need to look for ways to cut costs.

When businesses change their fluorescent lights to LED panel lights they will instantly benefit by savings from lower energy costs therefore benefiting from lower electricity bills.

What are the cost benefits to your business when changing to LED lighting?

LED panel lights use approximately 30% to 50% of the power than that of a fluorescent light.

Businesses also will benefit from savings in power costs to run the air conditioner as LED panel lights do not produce the amount of heat that fluorescent lighting does.

4.Long Life Span
Many businesses have Fluorescent lighting already however if you are considering new lighting, changing to LED panel lighting is a great way to reduce your energy costs.

A typical fluorescent tube has a lifespan of approximately 9,000 hours.

LED panel lights have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 -70,000 hours which is seven times longer than the old fluorescent fittings.

The lifespan of the fluorescent tube is affected by the turning on and off of the light.

The more that they are turned on and off the shorter the life span of the tube.

LED bulbs do not have this limitation.

5.No tubes or starters to change or replace

Given the design of the LED panel light, it is relatively easy for our electricians to install LED panel lights into existing buildings. LED blubs generate bright, directional lighting, without the extra heat, which means that you can have the light you need exactly where you need it.

Compared to fluorescent lights that are not as bright and the light that is produced dissipates easily.

The benefits of having the directional lighting can significantly improve productivity and make it easier to see paperwork or stock.

6.Clean and Sleek

LED panel lights are easy to maintain.

They have been designed so that no bugs can get caught behind the light panel, as they normally do behind that of a fluorescent light diffuser, which means that no one has to get up on high ladders to remove moth’s, fly’s or bug’s.

No Maintenance = No Cost

This is Why LED panel lights are so good for your business!

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Is your business looking for ways to save money?

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