Lock in Solar Bonus

Lock in your Solar bonus Scheme before it goes up on New Years day

The end of the year is looming. And while that’s good news for summer holidays, it’s not so good for Australians still considering going solar.

The STC financial incentives that have made solar more attainable for business and householders across Australia will soon be cut a further year from the Scheme, and that means the price of a solar power system will go up. If you’re thinking about making the switch to solar before summer’s big air conditioning electricity bills hit, do it before November 30th!

Future Energy Savers will lock in the current STC incentive value for all commercial and domestic systems ordered by this date. All our systems come with Tier 1 quality components, installation and Future Energy Savers performance guarantee - so you can be confident your system will perform exactly as we say it will.

Don’t waste another drop of sunshine!

Beat the end of year rush and declare your energy independence.

Call me on 0401-226265 to learn more about this months Canadian Solar special end of the year installation, and let us custom design a solar system for your premises

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