Solar & Energy Finance is a smarter way to pay for your electricity usage

Secure Solar cost today and fix Savings for the next 25 years+


Your Electricity savings pay for the upgrades

Solar upgrades can deliver significant savings that can be used to repay the upgrade finance.

Owners and tenants share the benefits

Owners and tenants can both gain from maximising a building’s energy efficiency.

Solar & Energy upgrade finance allows owners and tenants to share these benefits.

To date tenants have contributed approximately 50 per cent of the cost of energy efficiency projects funded using building upgrade finance.

Chattel Mortgage

You own the equipment from day one and can claim GST and depreciation and there is no Balloon payment at the end of the loan.

  • energy and water efficiency

  • renewable energy

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions

  • preventing or reducing pollution

  • reducing the use of materials

  • recovery or recycling of materials

  • monitoring environmental performance

  • encouraging alternatives to car travel, such as walking and cycling

Chattel Mortgage Term Loans

Solar & Energy upgrade finance utilising chattel mortgage finance that can be locked into 5-10 years.

This increases the likelihood that the savings generated will be greater than the loan repayments and better match the life of the upgraded equipment.

Financial Examples of Solar & Energy

A 20 kw system consists of 76 x 260 watt panels taking up 140 M2 of North facing roof space and generating 30,000 kilo watts annually amounting to $6,000 based on $0.20 kwh.

Return on Investment (ROI) 4 years.

How to get started

Talk to Future Energy Savers consultant or talk to your financier to Secure finance to install solar or improve your sustainability.

Step 1: Determine your need

If your building is resource inefficient, you’re wasting money.

Talk to us to find local services that can audit your building for energy efficiency improvements and provide quotes for solar.

How much could you save?

Step 2: Check you’re eligible

  • Is the proposed project on rateable land?

  • Is the proposed activity in/on an existing building?

  • Is the building primarily for non-residential use?

  • Does the activity improve the energy, water, environmental efficiency or sustainability of the building?

  • How much can you save with STC certificate rebates

Step 3: Secure finance

Understand your business electrical savings by installing Solar PV and talk to us about finance terms and options that best meet your Ian on 04021-226265

Due to recent Budget cuts the Lighting at the end of the tunnel has been turned off


with your own solar PV system

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