Monitoring  Solar Revenue

Getting the upper hand on your electricity bills with energy monitoring & management

Do you have a clear picture of what’s actually using electricity in your business and how much that costs?

If you’re like most Australian small business, you almost certainly don’t.

Historically, this hasn’t been an issue because electricity bills weren’t a major concern for most business.

Many Australian businesses are now looking at solar panels to help them fight rising prices as generally roof space is not a problem

Rooftop solar is now affordable and commonplace in Australia business.

The advantages business have over domestic households in general is that the electricity generated is being used at least 5 days of the week and to some degree the other two days with feed in tariffs available from 6 to12 cents kwh.

German Inverters

One of Solar Collectors main inverters are the Sunny inverters and thanks to the right communications technology, such as SMA’s Webconnect integrated into the inverter, this data can also be accessed online.

Management System

With the new Status Monitor, you have an overview of your entire system portfolio.

You can detect any problems occurring more quickly and incorporate these better into your specific working process.

Based on extremely current data, you can see the most important status of each system at a glance.

With the professional package, you receive access to all PV system data necessary for a detailed analysis at a resolution of five minutes.

With the fully redeveloped "Analysis Pro" page, you are providing you with a tool with which you can analyse masses of data flexibly, quickly and intuitively.

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