Is Solar a good Investment?

As many people have pointed out, solar panels aren’t like household appliances, they are more like financial investments. So, the key point many people want to know is, what’s my solar ROI (return on investment).

Solar power production generally matches your consumption pattern

so you are using the power as you produce it.

  1. As you create your own energy, you use less from the grid which should lead to savings on your power bills.

  2. Many businesses have roofs which are suitable in size and type.

  3. You can look at solar if you are an owner, or in a long term lease.

  4. Solar can be installed on most roofs without any damage to the roof at all

  5. There are still generous rebates for the purchase of solar

  6. The cost of installation has fallen for larger systems in the last 12 months

  7. As a business, you can claim back the GST component

  8. As a business, you can depreciate the system up to $20,000 year one and get a tax benefit

  9. When leased, the systems can be cash flow positive from year one.

  10. The systems can pay for themselves in as little as 4 years.

  11. You may achieve some marketing benefit from being green in your business.

  12. Operating leases available that mean the systems pay for themselves from the outset.

A common barrier to businesses installing solar PV systems is building ownership.

As solar PV systems are long-term investments and involve making amendments to the building, it can be difficult for tenants to secure landlord permission and long-term finance arrangements.

If you are on a medium-to longer-term lease but cannot afford the up-front cost, you may be able to explore Tenants Guide to solar leasing arrangements, which are discussed in this guide.

Financial options

The availability of finance for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects has increased in recent years. There are a range of financial options available and a variety of financial providers offering these to commercial businesses.

Financing your project

Undertaking energy efficient upgrades or installing renewable energy makes good business sense and helps offset rising electricity and gas prices.

Choosing the right finance for projects can sometimes be challenging.

Choosing the right finance

You should seek the finance option that meets your preference and requirement for:

  • the level and type of risk the business is comfortable with,

  • on or off the balance sheet,

  • asset ownership and ability to pay any up-front costs.

All Solar PV systems within Australia must be designed and installed by Clean Energy Council accredited designers and installers. Our team not only has full CEC accreditation but is made up of true professionals with degree level education, 30 years electrical installation and engineering experience..

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