Crippling energy bills?


It is heartbreaking for many businesses as they receive their latest crippling energy bill and for many these increases are not sustainable.

Some BUSINESSES will be forced to cut staff or shut down altogether as crippling energy price hikes begin sweeping across the nation .

“This is the biggest business crisis I’ve seen in my lifetime,” said Peter Strong, chief executive of the Council of Small Business Australia.

“What we’re hearing is terrible.

We’re seeing closures have already started, I fully expect there will be more closures and staff put off. When you’re running a small supermarket, where do you find an extra $70,000?”

The price hikes hitting businesses of up 120 per cent — dwarfing the 20 per cent increases faced by households — have been partly blamed on the closure of cheap coal-fired power stations, including Hazelwood in Victoria and Playford in South Australia.

So what are you doing about it as there are several options available starting with your high energy lighting that can often be replaced with low energy LED lighting where you can gain subsidies from NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) saving hundreds of dollars on High Bay and office lighting.

Not only do you receive discounted lighting but your new LED’s will last a lot longer resulting in less replacement and maintenance cost. Phone Ian for Help 0401-226165

It really is a no brainer.

If your business has taken advantage of the NSW scheme then maybe you can consider Solar as the solar energy generated can be fully used in the day time and extra power can be redirected to Battery backup or fed to the grid.

For many years, we have seen electricity and gas prices rise constantly, causing many Australian manufacturers to tighten their belts. In the past 12 months alone wholesale prices for both electricity and gas have surged, almost doubling in some states and where it will end is anyone’s guess.

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