Electricity Cost Killing Business

Electricity costs are set to rocket by 19.6% per cent for businesses across NSW.

Origin, Energy Australia and AGL have all announced price increases.

Its time for Small businesses to start utilising energy savings products

as they are about to be the hardest hit.

Now is the time to look at upgrading your Traditional electricity products including Solar PV, Photoluminescent Exit Signs and High Energy Lighting replacing 440 watt High Bay lighting with 135 watt LED and traditional office lighting with solid state LED linear panels and replacing halogen 50 watt down lights with 9 watt LED, 500 watt floodlights with 125 watt LED and replacing traditional exit signs with the very latest technological Photoluminescent Exit Signs, not to mention Photo Voltaic Solar systems.


“This is bad news for businesses and absolutely not what you want to hear,” Energy Australia Chief Customer Officer Kim Clarke said in a statement. “Unfortunately the politics of the situation have now taken over.”


Director of the Grattan Institute’s Energy Program, Tony Wood, said he believed the situation was the result of a significant failure of energy policy is both the state and federal level.


Even if Australia decided not to bother with meeting its commitments to reduce carbon emissions as part of the Paris Agreement, Mr Wood said the world had moved on.

“Power stations would still shut down, and industry would still be facing uncertainty and be factoring in carbon emissions regardless of the policy,” he said.

The lack of business owners and government policy has seen energy reliability decrease because businesses are reluctant to invest in new solar, wind and energy efficient LED Lighting.

“Price increases are nasty and a price increase of 20 per cent is really nasty but I think consumers and businesses should be more concerned that these price increases are also accompanied by concerns about the security of supply,” Mr Wood said.

So Phone the experts for an obligation Free Energy Assessment and quotation to replace your traditional high energy fixture and fittings with Low Energy.

Phone Ian on 0401-226265 or Rod on 0417-713648

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