Exit Signs Compliance

Does your office comply with emergency and exit lighting law?

Exit Signs are a first line of defense for emergency situations.

Traditional exit signs operate on batteries recharged by electrical power, which means additional costs for electricity, installation, plus regular maintenance and inspections.

Most facilities continue to utilise the old incandescent lamp technology which is maintenance intensive and prone to failure. Regular inspections are required and necessary to ensure optimal performance in an emergency situation.

These exit signs must still be tested and documented every 180 days for 90 minutes.

The sign must stay visibly illuminated for the duration of the test. A visual inspection must also be done to ensure the sign is clean and not damaged.

Photo luminescent exit signs

are a relatively new technology that absorbs ambient light and then illuminates, or glows in the dark, using the stored energy.

Photoluminescent exit signs are becoming more popular because of the very unique benefits they have to offer. Since the signs store energy from the buildings ambient lighting the signs require no connection to power, no battery, and no light bulbs or related maintenance, eliminating the cost of upkeep.

The lifespan of a glow in the dark light in normal conditions is upwards of 25 years and the light will remain visible for up to 9 hours in total darkness once the light is fully “charged.”

To meet the qualifications set to use photoluminescent signs and to charge the sign properly, the ambient light of the building must provide 54 lux at the face of the sign.

Under 2% of installations cannot provide adequate light and must be illuminated. We utilise a small wattage LED to keep the light on to charge your exit sign which must also have access to light switches or dimmers.

Photoluminescent signs offer a much more reliable, cost-effective exit sign solution for buildings and can be installed at about the same cost as your traditional Exit signs.

Photoluminescent signs store ambient light and provide reliable, bright illumination during emergency situations while using no energy and protecting the environment and your wallet PL exit signs require no wiring, batteries or replacement parts.

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Anyone with experience running a facility knows the pain of exit lighting. They are a continuous cost that can’t be avoided. They add to your electric bill, require regular maintenance and inspection, and need replacement parts throughout its life. They are a consistent pebble in your shoe, but you need them in order to stay safe and compliant. Is there an alternative option in exit lighting?

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