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If you’re serious about better managing your energy, here’s five reasons why switching to LED's with Universal LED Lighting is the brightest choice.

1.Fast Payback

LED lighting upgrades have one of the most attractive payback periods of all energy management solutions and can have a fast payback averaging ROI from 4 or 5 months with 135 watt LED's replacing Metal Halide 400 watt lights, and two or three years for office LED Panels and showroom LED lights.

While quality LED's may be more expensive to buy initially, the savings they provide on running costs, replacement and maintenance make them far more cost effective than other lighting options in the longer term. SAVE MOTHER EARTH

2. Energy efficiency

LED's or light-emitting diodes are the most energy efficient of all lighting technologies. They are up to 79% per cent more efficient than halogen or incandescent lights and 30% per cent more efficient than CFL's (Compact Fluorescent Lamps). They have the power to dramatically reduce energy consumption and make big savings on electricity bills.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Apart from using less energy to run and therefore reducing carbon emissions, LED lighting has no deadly chemicals and does not emit any harmful UV rays. All the materials inside LED globes can be recycled. In contrast, CFL's use gas, mercury and phosphor to create light and must be carefully disposed of if broken.

4. Superior light quality

LED's provide instant full brightness at the flick of the switch and hold their initial light output (or lumens) far longer than other lighting options. They also produce a sharper and more vibrant light making objects appear crisper.

Unlike other conventional lighting technologies, LED's generally use lenses to focus 100 per cent of their light onto the surface downwards, making them great choices for security lights, spot lights, accent lights and lit signage. Like most things though, not all LED's are made equal so it’s important to check you’re upgrading with quality products.

5. LED's outlive all other lights

LED"s are durable and have the longest lifespan of all other lighting technologies. Depending on the technology you are replacing, they can last up to 10 times longer.

See how they compare below and you’ll understand why LED's are perfect for businesses, and particularly hard-to-reach areas that require special equipment for access. Their longevity can save businesses thousands of dollars in maintenance costs for tube replacements, associated maintenance including labour and equipment.

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