Wanna buy a power station

Here's how you can buy a power station guaranteed for the next 25 years.

How much Electricity can your roof produce?

Our primary aim is to encourage the adoption of solar energy by providing a set of tools to facilitate the purchase and installation of solar panels to the private / residential / small enterprises and larger commercial installations.

Project Future Energy Savers uses data from Google maps and Google Earth’s aerial images to see the effect of shadows from nearby structures and trees and also takes into account the historical weather and temperature patterns.

Thus, Future Energy Savers assessors can calculate how much money a user can expect to save yearly by making use of solar power and hence, in turn, work out the viability of the investment required.

Presently Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) offers very good support to business and homeowners in making the decision about the installation of rooftop solar systems (i.e. 5kwh solar system Government rebate of approx: $3,500).

Indeed the solar system most suited to the average family paying around $600 a quarter is a 5 kilowatt an hour system. The 5 kwh solar system produces approximately 7,117 kwh annually and presently you would be paying around $0.35 per kwh, (check the back of your electricity bill) working out at $2,491 annual savings (that’s at present with no increase in prices)!

Innovative and potentially transformative ways to tackle climate change and move towards low-carbon future of the Earth with a 5 kilowatt an hour (kwh) system saving 7.54 tonnes of gas emissions.

Solar for Business

We are installing up to 99 Kilowatt solar systems in commercial and industrial premises taking full advantage of Government incentives with a Return on Investment of less than three years.

As the sun is producing solar energy in the day, power generated is fully used negating expensive battery backup systems.


No Deposit

  • Low interest Green Energy loan

  • Energy Savings pay off Green loan

  • Government Incentives to 99.9 kilowatt systems

  • Rebates from $3,500 on 5 kwh solar system

  • Battery Back up – keep the power you generate

  • Net meter & web connected Inverter

Fully installed by Clean Energy Council accredited installers

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