Solar for home & business

Electricity cost increased 100% percent over the last few years and due to rise another 100% percent in the next 5 years so what can you do about it?


What we mean is start creating your own power using solar which is guaranteed for the next 25 years to produce electricity for your premises.

Can you imagine what you will be paying the grid in 25 years time, it sure is scary just thinking about it. Not to mention the 7.54 tonnes of gas emissions that we save each year with a 5 kilowatt an hour (kwh) system.

On that note, let’s look at installing a 5 kwh solar system which is the ideal solar system for a three or four family with electricity bills around $600 a quarter.

The 5 kwh solar system produces approximately 7,117 kwh annually, presently you would be paying around $0.35 per kwh, (check the back of your electricity bill) This equates to Saving you $2,491 annually (that’s at present with no increase in prices)!



  1. No Deposit

  2. Green Energy loans

  3. Electricity Savings pay off Green loan

  4. Government Incentives to 99.9 kwh systems

  5. Rebates of $3,840 on 5 kwh solar system

  6. Battery Back up – keep the power you generate

  7. Net meter & web connected Inverter so you can watch electricity generation

Fully installed by Clean Energy Council accredited installers

Call Ian 0401-226265 or Rod 0417-713648 for an assessment of your electricity usage and see if we can Help You!

Solar Collectors 4 Ilya Ave Erina NSW 2250 Phone 43-118385

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