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Photo Luminescenct Exit Signs

We have a Solution that offer a range of PL EXIT signs and mounting systems by way of:

  • Wall mount PL EXIT signs

  • Ceiling mount

  • Hanging 

  • Customised

Glowbright Solutions also offer customised exit signs to meet specific design requirements of clients

exit sign
hanging exit sign
exit door sign

Minimising Risk

Photoluminescent EXIT signs offer minimised risk


Traditionally powered 240V EXIT lights have a requirement under AS2293.1 to be tested 6 monthly.

There is a significant risk failure with EXIT light parts, which may not be identified for up to six month after failure.

A failure would lead to a fully blacked out sign, leading to an increased risk to occupants during egress. 

i.e. Following a routine test of the EXIT light, batteries or control circuits are susceptible to failure, which will render the electric EXIT light inoperable for the period until the next routine test.

This could be for a period of up to six months. 

This risk is significantly minimised with the PL EXIT signs, as there are no electric parts to fail.  


PL EXIT signs provide an additional tier of safety by continuing to glow following a blackout and thereby providing a more reliable emergency egress solution.

Energy Efficiency


Traditional 240V electrical EXIT lights operate 24/7 until failure. Installing PL EXIT signs will reduce or eliminate the energy consumption of traditionally powered exit signs. 

PL helps contribute to achieving green star energy efficiency in new builds. 




Evaluation points:

  • Average electric EXIT lights average 10 watts mains power usage.

  • LED based electric EXIT signs average 3 watts mains power usage.

  • Operation required 24 hours per day.

  • kW to CO2 conversion factor 1.444 kg CO2/kWh 

On average an electric EXIT light costs $22 per annum to run, with an LED reducing the cost to around $7 per annum.

Installing PL EXIT signs can reduce this cost to zero with an equivalent carbon emission reduction between 38 kg to 127 kg annually for each sign.

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Safety Products

We offer Solutions offers a complete range of Photoluminescent
Exit Signs from: 16M - 24M - 32M - 40M