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LED High Bays – Currently the most popular of all our lighting solutions due to their huge saving potential.  High Bays are usually found in factories, warehouses, outlet stores, sports stadiums and any other areas where large spaces need to be lit.


The most common type of existing high bay lamps is a 400 watt mercury vapour or metal halide light. Besides using a lot of electricity these lamps create a lot of heat and are actually a fire hazard.


We stock 95 Watt, 110 Watt and 135 Watt state of the art LED high bay replacements that are sensor ready to fit daylight and micro wave sensors which massively reduce energy consumption, provide a much higher quality of light and generate next to no heat.  Rather than just a bulb replacement, we replace the entire high bay unit with a new LED high bay unit.

Low Bay lights

LED Low Bays are found in numerous commercial and industrial applications, such as warehouses, car parks, service stations, train stations, car washes, cold storage, gymnasiums, sports arenas and retail spaces with ceilings under 8 meters.


We stock a 100-130-150 Watt LED version of the low bay which replaces existing low bays that are usually 250 or 400 watt. For places like service stations, we have optional canopy fittings for both surface mounted and recessed low bays. The fittings ensure that the lights sit flush and look their best.


UFO High Bay

UFO High Bay Lights have been designed from the ground up to combine the highest standards of lighting performance & reliability with a rich list of features to maximise efficiency of installation, transportation and recycling.

The result is a luminaire which delivers a superior lighting outcome while enabling fast, efficient delivery and installation.

This product is suitable for warehouses, factories, workshops, under outside awning, repair shops and supermarkets.


Flood Lights 

LED Flood Lights – Flood lights are used in a multitude of situations from work yards to parking areas and building facades, flood lights provide security and safety for your business.  

Available in 75 watt - 95 Watt and 150 watt LED flood lights to replace most existing HID flood lights.  

Designed for performance, reliability and the ability to manage the harsh weather conditions of Australia, Its high efficacy of 130+ lumens per watt delivers optimum performance, complemented by its diffuse lens and adjustable bracket, which enables easy installation across a range of applications.

300x1200 LED panel Light.jpg
600x600 panel light.jpg

Panel Lights Office

LED Panels – Eco-panels are a cost effective, energy efficient alternative for traditional office lighting. Sizes to fit 99% of office drop ceilings.


We believe being green should not come with any compromises to performance or aesthetics. 

Not only do Eco Panels reduce energy consumption by up to 70%, they also create an unmatched lighting experience

1.2 metre 24 watt LED Tri Proof batten L

Tri Proof batten LED Lighting

Tri proof battens are a cost effective, energy efficient alternative for traditional car park operating 24/7. 


The addition of Micro wave sensors will cut out standard maintenance problems of blown tubes, broken ballasts and general 

Led Tri Proof battens reduce energy consumption by up to 90%, they also create an unmatched lighting experience

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