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Invest in your business

Cut your power bill by installing

Solar Panels

While Government incentive is on

There are many benefits that apply to solar energy and we would like to demonstrate how we can help you apply it to your business.

Achieve Outstanding Financial Returns


Solar energy represents a sound investment – now and for the future.


Businesses that have converted to solar have consistently benefited from impressive returns on their investment.

The payback period has also reduced in line with the fall in equipment costs and Government incentives with a ROI of less than 5 years.

Reduce Reliance on Electricity Companies

Relying on your local electricity grid for your power,  results in your financial bottom-line bearing the full brunt of electricity price increases.


Once Solar is installed, your electricity is generated onsite and is free to use. You become less reliant on the grid and therefore less exposed to the volatility of price increases (the latest 10% for many companies was in 1 st July 2016 this year).

Invest for the Future

With all of our solar systems you receive a 25-year performance guarantee on your solar power output. This means we guarantee that your solar system will generate a power output of over 90% for the first 10 years and no less than 85% of capacity for 25 years.

Add Value to Your Asset

Installing a solar system on a building you own will improve your investment’s value.

The more electricity prices rise, the more attractive a building that is solar powered will become. You benefit on an ongoing basis and in the long term.

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Lower Business Risk

Electricity prices are affected by many factors out of a most businesses control including the management of the grid, political decisions and environmental protection initiatives.

Converting to solar energy mean you can reduce your company’s exposure to these risks.

Government Incentives

Solar energy makes even more financial sense when you make full use of the Government’s Renewable Energy Incentive Program.

We can advise you on the best Solar Solution to meet your needs and apply for this incentive on your behalf.


Avoid Upfront Costs

The cost of installing a solar energy system has never been more affordable. There are several Green Energy Finance packages we can offer meaning no you pay no upfront costs.

Naturally this allows you to conserve your working capital whilst obtaining the benefits of clean renewable solar energy.

Rest Easy with Low Maintenance

Your new solar installation is virtually maintenance free over the first ten years under our Guarantee.

Solar Panel require little maintenance other than awash and clean every couple of years allowing 100% efficiency.

There are no moving parts to service and repair.

Once installed, your solar system will work efficiently all year around.

Plus, your solar panels come with a 25 year product warranty, the inverter with ten years plus a full twelve month installation and workmanship guaranty.  

We use clean energy council certified electricians to install the job.

We install solar systems for both residential and commercial.   

We custom design the solar system that is most suitable for you whether it's for business or home.

Just ask our solar assessor about how you can get the best benefit out of your investment on your solar system and we are sure to help you make the right decision.