Future Energy Savers work under the NSW Government HEER’s Rebate program

We supply approved HEER LED Panels, Battens and downlights

Claim your rebate - up to $10,000 in LED Office Lighting


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Free LED Lighting replacement under the NSW HEER  Energy Savings Scheme.

All You pay for is the installation by certified electrician.  

Whether you are the building owner or asset  manager of a building or complex, the opportunities to save over 72 % on energy costs cannot be ignored.

This is especially true for property areas with 24/7 lighting such as parking garages, fire stair wells, hallways, lobbies, amenity rooms and many other locations where micro wave and daylight sensors can be used.   Standard T8 and T12 Florescent fixtures burn 88 watts an hour compared with 24 watts for LED add up to + 72 % reduction in energy.               

The average office saves approximately $50 annually in electricity savings.