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Domestic Solar System

Domestic Solar Systems

Cut your power bill by installing a Solar System

While Government incentive is on

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=7,117 kwh annually
5 kw Solar System 
Annual gas emission saving 7.54 Tonnes.

The ideal solar system for a three or four family with electricity bills around $600 a quarter.

The 5 kilo watt an hour (KWH) solar system produces approximately 7,117 kwh annually in the greater NSW.


To work out your savings simply go to your latest Electricity Supply page details where you will see how many kilo watt hours you are using over approx: 30 or 90 day period.

On my Energy Electricity bill my peak is $0.493 and off peak $0.21 off peak, with an average of $0.30 kwh

To work out savings simply multiply $0.30 kwh x 7,1170 kwh = $2,135 annually savings or $533 a quarter.

3.9 days solar sun x 365 days x 3kwh

Producing 7,117 KWH/YEAR

*Solar Council Australia

  • 20 x 250 watt Solar Panels

  • 1 x 5 kw inverter

  • Installation

  • Net Meter (if required)

  • 14kwh Battery Back up (option)


  • 25 product Warranty on panels

  • 10 years full warranty on panels

  • 10 years warranty on Inverter

  • 1 year warranty on workmanship & Installation

Standard Solar Panels

All Inverters installed are BATTERY READY for that time when for some they are more affordable which should be mid 2019

This is our most popular model by Canadian Solar's standard panels have high system energy yield at low irradiance and low NOCT.


Canadian Solar's stringent quality control system puts them in the top ranking of California Energy Commission’s PVUSA Testing since 2009, leaving 12,472 other silicon panels behind.

Canadian Solar's enhanced 40 mm frames ensure that these robust panels can handle at least 5400 Pa load. Worldwide, our customers have embraced these panels for their excellent performance, superior reliability and enhanced value.

Power:   260/260/270 W

Size:    982 * 1638 * 40 mm

Weight: 18 kg

Single-phase transformer-based inverter with essential functionality at a moderate price.

With our core competencies in power management, Delta is rapidly expanding into renewable energy, providing best-in-class, high-efficiency solar systems and products including solar inverters and much more.

Our solar inverter delivers the world’s highest power efficiency of up to 98.5%.

The Delta PV inverter product range covers from single or multi residential rooftop application, commercial BIPV application, industrial building rooftop, or even megawatts power station application.

Delta Inverter

We use clean energy council certified electricians to install the job. We do solar system for residential, commercial as well as factories, we have got no deposit and no interest ever with easy payment option for your solar system.

We custom design the solar system that is most suitable for you.  Please ask our solar consultant about how you can get the best benefit out of your investment on your solar system.

Future Energy Savers are offering you, our prospective customer, the chance to evaluate our energy efficient SOLAR Panels

in your premises.