Let Future Energy Savers Help you Cut your power bill by installing LED Lighting

Gov' incentives are STILL ON

Commercial LED Lighting

LED Lighting Upgrades

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LED High Bays replace traditional Metal Halide lighting saving 79% of electricity working up to 50,000 hours

LED High Bay Lights

Future Energy Savers lighting are a cutting edge high-output low energy efficient alternative or replacement for traditional  Hi-Energy High Bay lighting. 

Available in 95w /135w LED fitted with Japanese Mean Well driver and Nichia chip available with Aluminium or Prismatic Reflector 71 or 120 degrees. Low Bay 120 watts LED also available IPART approved.

LED's are more efficient than mercury vapour, high pressure sodium or metal halide luminaires.

  • ROI (return on investment) less than 6 months

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • 80% energy savings

  • IPART - ESS & VEET Approved

Office LED Panel replacing Florescent tubes

The LED panel is a cost effective energy efficient alternative for traditional office lighting. Up to 80% more efficient than equivalent mercury or metal halide luminaires.

Australian & New Zealand Standards certification & approval

​Available in: 56W, 36W & 18W

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • 80% energy savings

  • ESS & VEET Approved

Future Energy Savers LED Lighting a high technology company engaged in research development and designing  a wide variety of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products for the Australian market.


We stock a vast array of premium LED lighting products, including LED down lights, LED tube lights, LED ceiling lights, LED spot lights, LED flood lights, LED car park lighting, LED street lighting, LED sport stadium lighting, industrial high bay lighting and our state of the art patented LED panel lighting.

We have LED lighting for all applications including home, office, reception areas, Industrial applications, car park areas, roadways and high lumen sport stadium lighting.​

LED Floodlights

LED outdoor flood lighting offer substantial cost savings due to reduced energy usage and a long life span that diminishes the need for maintenance and replacement.


Choose flood light fixtures for both indoor and outdoor applications that contain no mercury and range from 70 watts to 200 watt.

LED flood lights are a cutting edge, high light-output, low energy efficient alternative or replacement for traditional flood lights.


  • 5 Year Warranty

  • 80% More Efficient

  • ESS & VEET Approved


NECA (National Electrical & Communications Association) has issued warnings that there are reports of instances of non-labeled  or branded lamps being imported that do not comply with Australian Safety Standards and are potentially dangerous.  With the increasing number of start-up and/or companies with no track record in the LED and lighting industry, make sure you check for compliances and safety certification.

You can rest assured that Energy Savers LED Lighting ensures that all our products are manufactured to meet Electrical Safety Standards and have Australian compliance certification and identification.  This is especially important for building owners and electrical contractors who have an obligation to make sure products are safe.

LED Panels replace tube lighting lasting up to 30,000 hours

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull opens Mariners Centre of Excellence in March 4 th 2016.  LED Lighting was  completed throughout Mariners Head Quarters in February at Tuggerah on the Central Coast.