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LED Lighting

Specialist in energy saving replacing traditional high energy lighting with low energy
LED Lighting
Return on Investment from electricity savings is from 4 to 12 months in general
under the NSW ESS
 our energy consultants will give you an obligation free review of your Electricity savings and return on investment time lines

Power Purchase Agreement

Get all the Benefits of a Solar Energy System without any of the cost and on-going maintenance.


Lock electricity cost savings from 10-30%  with a Solar Purchase Power Agreement suitable for Industrial & Commercial Premises

No Cash Investment\t.

Solar Photovoltaics


Your solar system is creating energy between 9 am and 5 pm. when most factories and offices are using electricity peaking between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. making solar energy an ideal platform to gain FREE ENERGY.

Besides the energy savings, Solar power provides substantial benefits when applied effectively and can give a company a sustainable competitive advantage.  

There's a giant world of information about energy savings options , energy including solar and efficient lighting, and how to get the most from your retrofit project, but do you really have the time to seek it all out?

If you're like most any professional we've met, the answer is no.

You need concise, accurate information in order to make

informed business decisions                                            Mobile:0401-226265

Car Parks


Cut your power lighting bill up to 90% by installing LED Lighting in your car parks 




Common lighting issues in parking garages include dark, shadowy areas and poor light quality.   

By replacing the existing inefficient high energy 88 watt T8 florescent lighting with energy efficient LED that consume only 24 watts, this facility is taking advantage of major energy savings. 


At the end of this project the client saves 56 watts per fixture, reducing energy usage by 57%!



Designed to increase savings further, simply by reducing lighting in the main areas, and to switch off completely in side areas parking spots until movement is detected.

This would be caused by a person walking, within 12 meters of the light fitting resulting in the lighting being activated.

In areas where there is little traffic or enough daylight then the savings can amount to + 90% in car parks and toilet areas etc


Government Subsides &

Energy Saving Scheme 

Future Energy Savers are a participant under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme including the "HEER"s program and in Victoria "VEET" scheme.

The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is a NSW based energy efficiency scheme which creates financial incentives for anyone who improves their energy efficiency and helps lower energy consumption by helping grant access to energy efficient equipment.

What is the

HEER Program?


The HEER (Home energy efficiency retrofit) method is an incentive launched by the NSW government under the Energy Savings Scheme to encourage domestic and small business to undertake energy efficiency retrofits  to decrease their energy consumption by upgrading inefficient lighting products to more modern, efficient ones....


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Before completing LED lighting retrofit projects, Future Energy Savers perform a full facility audit by scoping the premises.


This means all of the existing fixtures were counted, along with their rate of energy consumption and hours of operation, height of the ceilings plus a cost of electricity, enabling establishment of operating cost.

At this point we forward to our clients a written overview of energy savings over the standard five year full warranty and project this savings from year one through to the life of the LED of up to 100,000 hours.

Lighting after all is one of the main electricity costs in a business

There is also a significant maintenance savings with LED's.

This maintenance cost savings alone can offset the initial cost of installing LED Lighting, not to mention No interruptions to your business removing the headache of constantly having to change bulbs.

The following are some suggestions for upgrading.

 NSW Government Ipart Approved......

  • 50 Watt Halogen down lights to 5 Watt LED 

  • Office 90 watt Fluorescent Panels & Battens  to 25 Watt  LED

  • Ware House and Factory 400 Watt Metal Halide Lamps to 100 watt LED

  • Floodlights 400 & 500 watt Metal Halide to 100 Watt LED



Reduce your energy bills with Solar PV

Future Energy Savers Pty Ltd 
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